not at all. I sat in 22 AA row 2 for ND game and you are abut 6-8' above the field

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By Nickbuck on 14:12:49 09/21/22
[In reply to "Question regarding seating. Are the first two rows of AA blocked due to being too low? (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 14:10:15 09/21/22]

I'm sitting in those same seats this Sat night very good seats:

Have a choice for different tickets for Saturday's game with some right on the field and some in Section A but a good bit higher. The tickets are between the 10's with some being closer to midfield.

: Appreciate any and all insight and advice.

: I also get some like sitting in C to be able to see full development, but for various reasons want the group I will be with to be closer to the field.

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