I default to your opinion because it has been about 10 years. I used to have season tix in that section and had issues.

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By JBUCK on 14:24:04 09/21/22
[In reply to "not at all. I sat in 22 AA row 2 for ND game and you are abut 6-8' above the field" by Nickbuck, posted at 14:12:49 09/21/22]

It's inside the permitted sideline area. If I recall correctly, I was not able to see plays on the near side of the field if players were standing in the way.
OTOH you did get to watch the football operations, the real time coaching, and the body language of the visiting team.
You could see the point that the players gave up on a game (Da U in 2010) and when they never did (Naval Academy 2009).

Despite what I remember as an obstructed view near sideline, the experience was well worth it.

I did, however, move back into lower A deck after a few years.

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