1985 was one of the quietest games when leaving the stadium. People seemed in a daze and nobody (m)

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By Boredatwork on 17:02:32 09/21/22
[In reply to "Interesting how dominant OSU has been vs Wisconsin the past decade, given past struggles (m)" by ScriptOhio (Texas Ex), posted at 16:23:52 09/21/22]

: I doubt any other B1G team won four times against Tressel. They got Cooper a few times, although I never thought the 1993 tie was some huge "loss" for Ohio State and was baffled national media people treated it that way.

: And poor Earle Bruce. I mean, I might live to be a hundred and I'll never understand how after 1981 and 1982, Wisconsin wasn't the second- or third-biggest game on OSU's schedule. I'll never understand how after 1984, the 1985 team didn't come out and curbstomp them. The 1987 team was snakebit, so as inexplicable as seven turnovers generally are, I feel like specifically, that Buckeye team against that Buckeye opponent, yeah I can see it.

: Woody supposedly vowed to never lose to Indiana again after falling to them in his first season (that's probably apocryphal but I've heard it). Would have done Earle a world of good to take a similar outsized approach to Wisconsin, if not after one black eye, after the second one.

: Man that 1985 game. Dang dang dang.

was talking. Just filing out quietly. It felt weird.

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