SOS is important when Teams are compared. The Bucks SOS indicate that they m

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By ysubuckfan on 08:44:09 09/22/22
[In reply to "Strength of Schedule among 130 teams: UofM #112, Oklahoma #73, (m)" by GST64, posted at 21:30:07 09/21/22]

: Played better opponents, and won. Early Season prepares a Team the ability to evaluate weaknesses. The Bucks Defense competed against better Teams and Individual players. Toledos Qb was extremely talented and Knowles stated that he recognized areas to improve when pursuing a Dual Threat Qb. Ohio State was close but didn’t tackle that Qb because of containment. Ohio State played against a shifty Ark State player and didn’t close well enough. Wypler summed up the preparation for ND best when he commented that they needed to prepare for about 6 different schemes of Defense because of their Coaching change.

The Bucks have a better understanding of their identity unlike scum that play d far inferior opponents. Advantage OSU and the teams that played against better competition.

Alabama #53, OSU #39, Indiana #10, Navy #1. Proof claims of SCUM's cream puff schedule are true.

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