iirc, we have Fickel and Minnesota to thank for the D scheme that game (m)

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By TwinsBuck on 13:26:34 09/22/22
[In reply to "Ash dialed up some good D that day. Will Knowles do something as good? *" by the Displaced Buckeye, posted at 12:09:15 09/22/22]

Our D was getting gashed that season by any above average RB, so I was dreading going up against Wisconsin that game. But Minnesota had tried a D scheme against Wiscy manning up against their below average receivers that year and bringing up a Safety to play on the wide side edge for run contain like an additional DE or OLB. The D line would shoot the gaps or hard slant almost every play and the LBs would fill where DL had vacated. The premise was to form a wall to stop the run since there was no respect for their passing game. Minny had pretty good success with it...for a half before Wiscy pulled away in the 2nd half.
Fick watched their film and tried to convince Urban to use it in the championship game. Urban supposedly was reluctant due to Minny's limited success. But Fick sold him on it since tOSU had better D athletes than Minny. Also, LJ noticed in Wiscy's film some OL tendencies tipping off running plays and which direction.
It helped that we had a highly motivated D line playing to honor their fallen teammate, Kosta Karageorge, RIP.
Our OL was highly motivated to carry the load with JT out.
It all made for a perfect storm.
As we saw, the rest was history.

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