I'll fly in for 4 home games, fly to at least 1 road game plus playoffs/bowl. I could make all

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By Smartwater on 15:08:36 09/22/22
[In reply to "College football has definitely changed in last 10-15 years. 4K 75+ inch TV experience hard to beat *" by Urban Cowbuck, posted at 14:20:38 09/22/22]

kinds of compelling cases for not attending in person. The world is changing rapidly and I have been on board with most of it. But for OSU football, I still feel it is important to make the effort. To be invested. If my only contribution was the walk to a nice seat in front of my television, I don't think I would care as much.

I like that I donate to the football funding initiatives, that I put time and money into travel and travel expenses. Buckeye football has been a part of my life for so long, bonding me to friends and family, that I feel like the program and the players have earned my best effort as an alum and as a fan. I also don't want to lose live and life experiences. I go see sports and I go see concerts and will, until there comes a day when I can't.

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