There is always the skull session. The team comes thru, a player or coach makes

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By Bucksmba on 16:47:59 09/22/22
[In reply to "So it's been "a while" since I've been to an OSU home game (m)" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 16:32:03 09/22/22]

: some comments and then Day says some words.

and I'm taking my 18 year old to the Wisconsin game. We've done many away games / and 2 bowl games, but not a home game.

: OSU just visited Saline HS here in Ann Arbor yesterday and he's got OSU at the top of his list (he's definitely not a sure thing yet with test scores, etc., but close)

: Anyhoo - What are the best pre-game activities for fun for a dad and his HS son? Do you recommend the riverwatch party, the Varisty Club, or the other event near St. John arena. Planning arriving around 4PM tomorrow, plan on parking a near the bookstore or at the Ohio Union garage, walking up High for a bite, then hitting one of the pregame spots. Let me know any other suggestions.

: I know this question has been posted hundreds of times, I just never needed to read the responses. TIA.

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