2014. True story:

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By Scarlet O on 18:07:37 09/22/22
[In reply to "What's your favorite win over Wisconsin? The 2014 B1GCG has to be at the top for me given the " by Buck the Trend, posted at 09:06:29 09/22/22]

I was at Hella's - a breakfast nook near Muirfield - on Friday before the game and ran into Earle Bruce. Talking about the game, in typical Earle Bruce fashion, eyes wide open and face red, said in full volume: "IF WE HOLD THAT KID (Melvin Gordon) UNDER 100 YARDS, WE'LL KICK THEIR ASS!!" We being 3 or 4 point dogs, it was a big IF, but how prophetic! Was there to witness it in person, and I kept thinking, how the old man knew what it would take. Love that guy and his Buckeye spirit!

: dominance and what it led to. Other nominees I can think of:

: 2019 B1GCG where we fell behind but came back

: 2016 game up there that we won in OT I think. Just seemed like everything was going against us, even a random downpour for about 5 minutes when we were in the red zone, but figured out a way to win.

: 2002 game up there was a pretty big win on the way to the NC. Doesn't get the attention of some of the big nail biters later, but still a come from behind win a tough spot. I think that was the first game that Gamble had to see lots of action at CB.

: 2011 win at home, notable for Braxton's miracle TD to Devin Smith to win it. And terrible uniforms.

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