MID psu loses by 3 touchdowns+ when they go to wisky. so if (m)

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By CFBfanatic on 22:42:31 10/30/11
[In reply to "so... Penn State must get beat this week against Nebraska or in the last week @ Wisconsin *" by NDiggs, posted at 21:40:29 10/30/11]

we win out were going to conference championship, period! if we don't win out, wisky is going then for sure. psu will lose to either us or nebraska. psu's offense is worse than ours. they haven't beat anyone. their best wins are at temple, home to iowa and home to illinois, all really ugly i might add. they're one of the worst 8-1 teams i've ever seen. my brother is a die hard psu fan so i've watched all their games and know plenty about them, and i can assure you they suck. PS, i despise them the same as scum.

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