I watched their 1st half(m)

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By DaveInNerk on 08:50:36 04/16/19
[In reply to "Anybody know early reviews on how the OK defense looked in the spring game? I believe there" by BuckeyeGirl, posted at 08:12:09 04/16/19]

Grinich brought in at least 1 other WSU coach.

They are going "smaller and faster" in their approach.

They looked worse than last years OK defense.


The secondary was shaky, but made plays
Parnell Motley made an competitive play against talented freshman wide receiver Theo Wease, winning on a well-thrown 50-50 ball on second and long. Ryan Broiles played over the top and made an opportune interception of a Tanner Mordecai deep ball. Brenden Radley-Hiles came streaking from the nickel position for a sack on Mordecai.

The secondary was competitive, but still far from perfect. Lots of blown coverages (especially in the second quarter) and miscommunications. There would be a play that looked like this group can turn a corner, followed by a converted third and long that looked painfully familiar to Oklahoma football fans. If we can state one positive though, it’s that there were guys looking for the football while it was in the air, showing some improvement in coaching and technique from last year.

Linebackers were solid for the most part
John Michael-Terry and Brian Mead both came up to make some nice plays. Mead was particularly impressive at times considering he was often charged with keeping up with Jalen Hurts. Jonathan Perkins was credited with a sack on Tanner Mordecai.

Strangely two of the quietest players were projected starters DaShaun White and Kenneth Murray. Also, there wasn’t a ton of blitzing, so it’s hard to judge what these guys will look like when they are fully unleashed on opposing defenses in Grinch’s aggressive scheme, but it was good for the Sooners to see some younger guys who looked capable of contributing.

Link: https://stormininnorman.com/2019/04/15/oklahoma-football-what-we-learned-from-the-ou-spring-game/3/

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