You can thank that growth to Obama and his 8 yrs.. Dearborne was bad enough now its spreading

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By Raging Bull on 08:54:34 04/16/19
[In reply to "It should be addressed now before it gets further out of hand. Part of the immigration package, maybe.*" by BuckeyeDale, posted at 08:48:14 04/16/19]

Notice how about 90% of muslems here in the states drive minivans. Why because they are slowly populating America this way. Their plan is to have 3 to 5 kids all raised in Sharia Law / Masques Now you have a voting block for local elections and those local elections bring you that Omar chick in MN.

She's just the tip.

You go after them you get "Freedom of Religion" thrown at you and the local news and other politicians cave for what ever reason.

Thus allowing the spread to continue nationwide.

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