and more on how long it will take to rebuild...

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By nukem on 10:15:00 04/16/19
[In reply to "A fire like that will certainly heavily damage the structure, even if you cannot see it. From a recent article..." by nukem, posted at 10:03:48 04/16/19]

"The damage will be significant. But we are lucky in France to still have a network of excellent heritage restoration companies, whether small-time artisans or bigger groups," he told AFP.

Fischer said the ability to rebuild the colossal cathedral in a manner that respects its original form and character would depend on the plans, diagrams and other materials available to the architects.

They would need "a maximum of historical data or more recent data gathered with modern technology such as 3D scans" of the kind used in the restoration of the Strasbourg cathedral, he said.

- 'Not in my lifetime' -

The French government's representative for heritage, Stephane Bern, said that money would not be the problem.

Within hours, pledges of donations amounting to nearly 700 million euros ($790 million) had flooded in from some of France's richest families and companies and foreign governments were lining up with offers of help.

Bern, a 55-year-old TV presenter famous for his programmes on medieval France, said he feared it would not reopen in his lifetime.

"It will be rebuilt for future generations," he said.

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