Dearborn has been going that way since the early 70s. Worked the GL Freighters with a lot of mulims from Yemen. (m)

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By BuckeyeDale on 12:06:03 04/16/19
[In reply to "You can thank that growth to Obama and his 8 yrs.. Dearborne was bad enough now its spreading " by Raging Bull, posted at 08:54:34 04/16/19]

8-10 guys would buy a house, bring in a young girl to clean 'things' and after 7 years, go home, live like a king. The next guy rents until he could buy his house. That's a hell of a lot of houses in 50 years.

: Notice how about 90% of muslems here in the states drive minivans. Why because they are slowly populating America this way. Their plan is to have 3 to 5 kids all raised in Sharia Law / Masques Now you have a voting block for local elections and those local elections bring you that Omar chick in MN.

: She's just the tip.

: You go after them you get "Freedom of Religion" thrown at you and the local news and other politicians cave for what ever reason.

: Thus allowing the spread to continue nationwide.

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