and that's why they play the games

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By Brutus on 05:55:41 04/17/19
[In reply to "Great read on the Jackets-Lightning series from 9 days ago. (link) *" by Heart Full of Buckeyes, posted at 05:34:09 04/17/19]

Lightning are in a weird spot. They've had some playoff success with this group before this beatdown so it's not like this core on its face is that highly flawed...but clearly there's something either in the coaching or the roster construction that holds them back - and made them unable to ever really figure out the BJs.

They of course just gave Cooper and new deal so he probably isn't going anywhere. It's hard to kick guys out the door that came up small because Kuch might win league MVP and Stamkos is a top tier guy etc etc. Hedman clearly not being himself didn't help but they have to be better able to absorb that kind of injury IMO. Maybe they just come back with the same group of give it another go before making big changes.

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