Me TOO! lol After the first game I had no doubts the CBJ would win the series

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By Raging Bull on 06:51:23 04/17/19
[In reply to "Oh COME ON! that's no fair :) No one could have truly expected a sweep of Tampa. Glad I was VERY wrong. *" by Porsche, posted at 06:17:02 04/17/19]

the sweep is just the icing on the cake. You could tell Tampa just had NO clue on how to handle the forechecking, the defense and Bob.

It was just a matter of seeing if the CBJ could come out and do that for the all important 3rd game at home. Which they did in flying colors and they carried it through last night.

There was absolutely no quit in this team and they never floundered around like they normally did if a team put a push on them.

Last year losing like they did and the nagging they had over the summer. You knew they were not going to let that happen again. They've grown up some ... and all wins were without Wennberg .. he should never see the ice again in a Jackets jersey.

Texier is playing absolutely wonderful for a 19 yrs old. holy cow the positioning on the ice he takes and he has a natural feel for the puck and some of this passes out of the zone were incredible last night. plus 2 goals ..

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