Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and many other famous celebs and politicians involved. Epstein Flight book with names (link)

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By Barrett777 on 09:57:29 04/17/19
[In reply to "Should be locked up if proven to be true. HOWEVER, part of me thinks that Dershowitz has sided with Trump too often...." by A-Row, posted at 09:26:03 04/17/19]

Dershowitz and Bill Clinton are two of the famous people who got on Epstein's plane and they were documented as passengers in the private jet flight book. See link.

Other names taking a quick glance again that popped out was Forest Sawyer and Larry Sommers. Sommers was in both Clinton and Obama Administrations. Supposedly Prince Andrew is on their multiple times. Have to really zoom in.

If you do not know much about Epstein Island, there is a lot of evidence and first hand accounts from underage girls about being sexually abused on that island. Unfortunately this country is mostly asleep thus these sorts of horrendous evil acts against humanity is ignored and not dealt with. Too busy getting upset over a government owned church building or looking at their phones to care. Many underage girls are supposedly referenced in those flight logs.

As far as Dershowitcz goes, he defends most anything so I do not care that much he says Trump is not guilty. Trump is not guilty of collusion or obstruction, and does not need liberal Dershowitcz to prove that true

BTW, liberals have tried to taint Trump with Epstein. Trump does know Epstein and has been around him many times since both hang out in same business circles. Trump has NEVER been on Epstein Island from everything I have researched, and has not been involved in his underage criminal sex club he set up.

The FBI put a cover on the Epstein criminal charges and investigation and he has some level of immunity given many years ago. Absolutely sickening. Ni doubt Bill Clinton has been one big voice to not let the Epstein truth see the light of day or be dealt with in court.

Link: Epstein Flight Book. Many flights to Epstein Island. Bill Clinton, Dershowitcz, and many others

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