no positions will change. redactions lead to accusations of coverup and more investigations....

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By Buckeye Comet on 18:31:29 04/17/19
[In reply to "What are your expectations coming out of the Mueller report tomorrow? (m)" by Mark, posted at 18:23:15 04/17/19]

while what is shown will be brushed off by pointing to the conclusions and the fact that no one was every charged with collusion or obstruction, not DJT, not DJT, Jr, not Eric.... no one.

and these ppl will be more right than the continued accusations and political smears.

: A) Nothing at all that looks bad for Trump

: B) Some things are far less than complimentary of Trump et al

: C) Looks bad for Trump and you wonder why he or his family weren't indicted

: D) You couldn't care less

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