Our 7th gm was scheduled 23rd. In past no more than 2 days after 7th game for next series start. We dont have home ice

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By carperemote on 21:37:49 04/17/19
[In reply to "Is there any way..." by Mourning Woody, posted at 19:28:37 04/17/19]

: at this point to tell which days the games will be on? There's 2 days (Mon & Tue) that really won't work for us (due to my kid's activities). But I don't know how guess which of the 3 games to try and buy for

Home teams usually get first game, skip a day, then second game So I’m guessing (with emphasis on “guess”) Toronto/Boston will take Thursday and Saturday, or Friday and Sunday. So our first home game will be either Monday or Tuesday then skip a day so second home for us should be Wed or Thurs

There is certainly an easier way to know but as of now it’s what I can guess

That’s clear as mud I’m sure but you should be in the clear for our second home game. I disclaimer all blame if I messed that up.

Tickets go on sale 10 am Thursday

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