Liberals and media will act like they did with Kavanaugh. Accuse and claim guilt with no evidence (m)

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By Barrett777 on 21:45:03 04/17/19
[In reply to "What are your expectations coming out of the Mueller report tomorrow? (m)" by Mark, posted at 18:23:15 04/17/19]

and not care one bit about the law, or presumption of innocence in this country.

They will in turn show themselves to be liars and hypocrites again. Individuals like Nadler who was on record during Bill Clinton’s presidency will reverse every position he once strongly held and publicly spoke to.

All of the minutia in the report put in there by Liberals on Muellers team will point by point be eviscerated by Trump’s attorneys. Liberal media will not discuss or cover the responses to the minutia put in there. Instead they will take it as proven truth in the court of law, and then exaggerate and hypothesize all sort of fantasy stuff that might be somehow related.

Biggest thing they will claim is supposed Obstruction. Stupid. Trump was within Constitutional powers to fire Comey. Comey has even admitted as much. Yet they will still make the claim. The entire investigation was illegal because there was never real reason for a Special Prosecutor. Yet they will try to argue Obstruction when Mueller, Comey, Hillary, and their entire cabal are guilty if every single thing they are falsely accusing Trump of.

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