Baker was good when they used him in playaction and rolled him out and make plays

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By Poisonut on 11:14:08 11/21/22
[In reply to "Not the same money as Watson, but yes. The team was good with Baker as QB" by Centauri2, posted at 11:03:42 11/21/22]

he's been bad since the league realized they could just force him to win from the pocket and he couldn't. Once they started doing that, he never was the same. He said himself he was having trouble seeing receivers. There's a reason very few 6'0-6'1 QB's get paid in the NFL. It's because they usually don't perform and win at a high level. I'd argue Gardner Minshews stats are better than Baker Mayfield's and he's not even a starter in the NFL. There's a reason why the Browns went and got QB's all over 6'3 last offseason. Tua has played well I'll give him that, but how long can he play at that level, how long can his body take the hits he's taken? There's just a lot of factors that work against smaller QB's.

: He should have been re-signed the day after losing to KC in the *playoffs* (yeah, the Browns were in the playoffs). Spend the rest of the team’s efforts building around him. They had a good thing, and blew it up for no reason.

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