I remember seeing something about the rails having difficulty with filling vacancies similar...

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By tOTB on 21:45:58 11/21/22
[In reply to "Rail strike in 2 weeks possible *" by B_DeckUsher79, posted at 10:46:32 11/21/22]

to what the airlines have been going through with pilots.

The biggest difference is try getting new employees to work the rail while still understaffed. It's not exactly something many people try to get into like being a pilot. We have a freaking guy with a pilot's license in our electrical engineering department... people want to fly, not many want to ride the rails.

They need more automation in freight rail to minimize the number of operators required.

The old saying, "the world needs ditch diggers too" is true, but eventually nobody will chose to dig the ditches or operate the rails in this case.

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