Very interesting. Thanks for passing that info along. I realize it's all in my head, but it still...

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By BuckeyeForever on 23:25:56 11/26/22
[In reply to "BF, my Mom asked Kathy Graeter about the mint chocolate chip color change for you. She said (m)" by SaltLakeCity Buck, posted at 06:57:01 11/26/22]

doesn't appeal to my senses without the historical green ice cream color. I switched to the Homemade brand (UDF'S) for the mint chocolate chip, and I am sticking with them. So now you inform me UDF is planning to follow suit with their mint color AND, horror of horrors, Cherry Cordial, my favorite flavor. This day has sucked in so many ways, SLC. Kick a guy when he is down, will you? But thanks for getting the information. I think I need to drink heavily.

: that they were taking some heat for adding food coloring to an ice cream flavor that didn't need food coloring. Said that she expects UDF to do the same with a couple flavors in the near future, including Cherry Cordial. Mentioned over and over (Mom got the idea that she had been asked about this a whole bunch, haha) that nothing else was changed and it tastes the same. Anyway, there's the scoop (sic). I would have asked a couple of better follow-up questions than my 75yo mother did, but oh well :)

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