The difference between Brasil with Neymar and without is night and day. Very little rolling around for

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By Smartwater on 16:52:06 11/29/22
[In reply to "Guess I watch a different team because the US flops and whines and fakes very little..." by Brutus, posted at 16:38:42 11/29/22]

them yesterday. On the flip side, Neymar gets the dookie knocked out of him every single match and he gets hurt often, as a result. He should earn some yellows, frees, and PKs for the punishment he takes. But, he does roll around looking for fouls, too, which I dislike. Unless it is Serie A or the Italian National team. That acting is an artform unto itself and hilarious theater.

: ...other teams? Sure. US plays about as straight up as any team I've seen in this WC.

: But yes overall the BS faking is a tough part of the sport to take.

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