Faking fouls ≠ faking injuries. What if a DB actually does commit PI then throw his hands up like “I din do nuthin!”

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By cvillebuck on 17:40:56 11/29/22
[In reply to "But you must admit players fake cramps when they need to slow the offense down without wasting a TO." by Centauri2, posted at 17:25:09 11/29/22]

He’s faking that he didn’t foul. Is that just as bad as the WR pretending he was grabbed?

Iranian player rolling on the ground by our goalie in the first half, grabbing his knee and screaming and crying like he just stepped on a land mine was so pathetic because every single person in that stadium and the hundred million watching around the world knew he was 100% fine.

I get it though. It doesn’t offend me. I know they are coached to do it and the rules of the sport benefit them when they do it but I think it’s bush league and cheapens the sport.

In my opinion.

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