Re-Send Registration E-mail

Important Notes:

1) This function does not work during the time-delay period. If you received notice that the sent link would not be immediately honored, this page will not work until the time has passed when the link would be honored.

2) This function adds a few hours' delay to the time-delay period. If you request a re-send, some number of hours (the next page will tell you how many) will be added to the activation time for your account. In your re-sent registration, you will get a link that will not be honored until additional time has passed.

The two rules above cause a maximum of one E-mail per several hours to any E-mail address, and prevent the forum software from being used to mail-bomb anyone. Also, for that reason, it is best to give the original E-mail at least an hour or so to show up. If you've waited at least an hour or two, and the re-send hasn't worked, feel free to contact Zanzibar.

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